19 Oct 2015

The Beat Radio 106FM Fuengirola - Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction - Herschel36 - featuring Audrey Spearing

This is the first radio show edit from The Beat - Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction - featuring Audrey Spearing from www.audreyspearing.com and of course The Beat's very own Herschel36 from www.justfinishitrecords.co.uk and www.herschel36.co.uk.

The first 30 secs of the show audio is rather bad so please work your way through that and get into the show it is light fun and full of lots wonderful information regarding water and other brilliant things you can do personally to make yourself feel better, look better and live longer.

Hope for the best prepare for the worst!

17 Oct 2015

Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction next live Broadcast on The Beat 106FM Fuengirola 6-8 PM featuring Ole Dammegard from www.lightonconspiracies.com

Recently I have started a brand new radio show on The Beat which is situated in Fuengirola and my second guest is Ole Dammegard from www.lightonconspriacies.com. Ole speaks around the world, he specialises in uncovering assassinations and false flags. This is Episode 1 in a series of 6 episodes and this really is a must watch, this guy is electric, how message is positive and full of love.

Ole if you are reading this you are a gem in a world full of gems, thank you for your gifts.

Introduction to Ole Dammegard, his family from Denmark, False Flag Operations, Political Assassinations, The Gladio Network and how this links into the Strategy of Tension. Ole links saving the world  to world wide conspiracy and spirituality. He mentions that The Zapruder Film helped wake him up to the JFK assassination and led him to be one of the worlds foremost researchers into global assassinations of JFK, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Robert Kennedy. Abraham Lincoln and Olof Palme the Swedish Prime Minister who was killed in 1984. 

Ole will be a guest on Truth is Stranger Than Fiction (The Beat Radio 106FM Fuengirola) on Weds 21st of Oct 2015 from 6-8PM Local Time - you can listen to The Beat Radio online at www.thebeatspain.fm/

This programme is sponsored by The Beat Radio station and Just Finish It Records.

24 Jul 2015


I have never met Sofia Smallstorm in person, having only spoken to her via the internet. We have however, engaged on numerous occasions and during these conversations and I have come to the conclusion, probably wrongly, that Sofia Smallstorm is arguably one of the most fascinating minds I have ever engaged with.

Over the past few months I have asked question after question and waited patiently for days at times for the answers. The answers always seem to come, if sometimes slightly later than expected. Below are some of the questions and answers I have received from Sofia Smallstorm.

The question that needs asking is bigger than most. Smallstorm quite small in stature, seems to have an answer for all the questions that make you and I, scratch our heads in disbelief. 

What on earth is going on with this planet that we live on? Everything thing feels as if it is an illusion, do we really only need Love and Rock’n’Roll to get through to the next dimension?

Below is a full interview with Sofia Smallstorm

When I was a kid I never really felt I fitted in to this place that we call home; Planet Earth. Not knowing why I did not fit into the social norms, I bounced around for years yearning to be seen, heard and accepted. I grew up in a Christian family of 5 boys in the south of England, in the county of Hampshire. I hated my middle class experience and yet was relatively happy and treated well by both parents, they loved me the best they could. Sadly The Church loved me in a different way before I reached puberty.

In recent years I have woken to the truth that the human race is being programmed from start to finish, by forces that can not be seen, touched nor monitored. The Control System, The Matrix, The Shadow Government, is grooming the way we look, the way we act, we way we feel, and now the way that we reproduce. I know, its hard to believe, but every thought you have ever had has been given to you, and now you have a chance to wake from your slumber but do you have the courage to open your eyes?

The elite use many tools for their programming. Vaccines, chem-trails, 911-esq false flags, Sandy Hook-esq shootings, and now with the advance of the transgendered global conversation, the human race is being pushed towards The Singularity via Transhumanism

Ray Kurzweil is one of front men for this part of the global agenda and He believes that we, the human race, will have reached the point of no return by the date of 2045. 

Smallstorm states we should all watch the film by Aaron Franz, The Age of Transitions. I have not watched it YET, there is not enough time in the day to keep up with the way this woman’s mind works, information, content, more dialogue. My conversation with Sofia is an endless stream of reality TV and awakening consciousness. As a conceptual artist, my only regret is not meeting this huge woman at an earlier stage of my life, I strongly believe she could have single handily opened my visual art to reaches beyond my current perception.

However hold on guys, this blog is not for the light hearted, Smallstorm is an ego-whacking-chemtrail-vaccine-anti-socialite, she does not mince her words. She claims that the change in humanity starts within the immune system, via the chemicals in the air and toxics in the water. She quotes from The Clifford Carnicom school of thinking and believes in The Schumann Resonances

For anyone who is new to my blog I state very clearly, you have to DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH or simply DYOR. My great mate JC in Dublin believed DYOR was a stock to be bought on the exchange, sadly this is not the case.

When Smallstorm talks to you, through a veil of sarcasm and wit, be warned, you need to keep up with her constant stream of content by asking WTF is this power house a feminine sexuality talking about? She is about to blow your mind wide open and you may never be the same, you are now entering a point in your life you might just regret, do you want the blue or the red pill?

She states, radio active frequencies, i.e. your Wifi, mobile phone and smart devices, are designed to change the biological set up of your body. The water and the plastics have feminising chemicals in them and this is why we are witnessing an explosion of homosexuality in our communities. The chemicals, according to Smallstorm, are in the shampoo we use every day and in the plastics we buy from the supermarkets.

One of Smallstorm's key topics of discovery is transgenderism, she focusses on the superstar role model Bruce Jenner, which she calls The Bruce Jenner Phenom

I am now quoting directly from Sofia Smallstorm’s blog, www.aboutthesky.com.

“A friend said recently, "When you told me they were pushing the whole transgender thing, I didn't believe you.  But now ..."  And yes, it's true.  Said Bruce in his long-awaited two-hour interview with Diane Sawyer: "What I'm doing is going to do some good.  What I'm doing is going to change the world.  There are so many out there like me."  The announcer: An estimated 700,000 transgender Americans all around us. Jenner: "Bruce lives a lie.  SHE is not a lie."  No, I'm not gay.  I've never been with a guy.  Apparently, Jenner began his sex change back in the 1980s, when he was prescribed female hormones and took them for five years until he "lost his nerve" and stopped.  He had a rhinoplasty back then to reduce his nose, as well as electrolysis to remove his chest and facial hair.

This is modeling, remember that.  Jenner was the World's No. 1 Athlete, leaping across cereal boxes when we were growing up, and now he may be on cereal boxes as the world's Most Famous Trannie.  Is this coincidence?  We know our culture follows its own wild movie script, so why wouldn't Superman decide to become a woman?  Why is the transgender thing so big now?  Where are all these people coming from?
Our environment is rife with manmade chemicals that are estrogen mimickers.  Boys in the womb are getting bombarded with xeno-estrogen overdose, and thus may be coming out as incomplete males.  The job of the Y chromosome is to form the male baby from what is essentially a female embryo until the seventh week of pregnancy.  With too much prenatal estrogen (e.g, if the mother's body is full of phthalates and artificial/chemical estrogens), the job of making a full male may not be finished.  The Disappearing Male is a Canadian documentary made for TV over a decade ago, from which we learn that male babies are being miscarried at very high rates due to unnatural chemical interference, and we are also seeing an abnormal number of hermaphrodite babies being born (sexual characteristics of both genders).  Everyone is aware of the current male homosexual boom: Is this because of too much estrogen in the womb?

Phthalates are chemicals that enhance the properties of polymers, making them hard or soft.  They are endocrine disrupters, with serious effects on our reproductive systems due to their molecular similarity to estrogen.  The body is essentially "biochemically blind," in that it often cannot differentiate between similarly shaped molecules.  (Example: Our cells thrive on iodine, but are fooled by the molecular shape and mass of fluoride, bromine and chlorine, which are prevalent now in everyday life; thus our iodine receptors are taking up these very toxic chemicals instead of iodine, which has been lost to us, and we are in trouble because of it.  

My prediction:  The Jenner Phenomenon has been scripted.  Watch the commentary on TV and you will hear about all the celebrity support for Jenner, how courageous he is, how he must have unconditional love, once a champion always a champion, don't live a lie.  The new cultural mantra will be (this is my prediction): Your life is a lie until you renounce your gender.  How 'bout that?”
Jenner was an Olympic Athlete. He won the Gold Medal in the Decathlon. He was in every USSA household and his face was on every consumer product rocking up in the 1970’s. He was then introduced to the take-away socialites as the Step-Dad in the reproduced post modern garbage bag called Keeping up with The Khardashians. A fly on wall documentary watching the lives of a manipulated half cast family in the USSA, it is very distasteful and incredibly popular with the young and old sheeple worldwide. 

Then came the big news that Bruce wanted to become a woman, and the viewer watched this global hero turn into a woman right before their own eyes, this is normalisation of the abnormal. We are witnessing the growth of the transgendered discussion even though the community is less than 1% of the global population. It is strongly rumoured that Barak Obama is gay and Michele Obama is trans-gendered. I am not saying this is the case, 100%, however I would not put it passed the powers that be to pull the wool over our eyes once again, after all Politics, Hollywood for ugly people.

The transformation of the way the young are starting to think has moved on from gender choice to an illusion of choice. Daniella Two Spirits is an example, and can be found on the television programme Botched, which is about two Jewish plastic surgeons who deal with social and facial transformation. There is a reason I no longer own a TV. 

Daniela Two Spirits, “I was born a baby and socialised into a male” the Elite are gender blurring, Daniela, she is now known as a Gender-Bot, Gender-Robot.

The make up of a common household is as follows; single parent, dominated by the TV, wireless radiation from the smart meter to the Wifi. The radiation is sterilising our children, whilst we are being programmed to accept a gender-less society in which the central government controls the birthing pool, children being born in a laboratory and ultimately a gender-less population.

Is this a future that needs us? Is this a future you want to be part of?

Kurzweil states very clearly “The Future does not need us”. Transhumanism is the new word for Eugenics which morphed into Planned Parenthood in the USSA in the 70's. The population is being redesigned by default, and Keanu Reeves is leading us through the vortex into The Matrix, we seem to be living in a Sci-Fi Movie.

Which pill do you want to take the red pill or the blue bill, be aware all that is on offer is the truth?

Death is normalised by Hollywood and the children are led blindly by the leading brands like Playstation and Apple. My 14 year old son plays a game called Black Ops 2 on his playstation in which he is a trained assin in Yemen, whilst the county is being bombed. This game came out on the market at least 4 years ago and here we are sitting back whilst our Allies, Saudi Arabia bomb Yemen in real day to day life, in between chopping heads off and forcing women into partial slavery.

What have you got to say about that Hitlary Clinton?

This normalisation of cultural thinking is nothing new. As a kid all the girls had barbie dolls, yet today we see the extension of this narcism. Women seem to be angry about the men not fulfilling their expectations and the men struggle to find themselves, some even want to become the apple of the social eye within their personal global twitter and facebook networks. We seem to live via our iPhones and androids.

There are even people on this planet who use plastic surgery to look like Ken Doll. Plastic surgery and human molding allows the individual to become whoever they want to be, some want to be a human doll, others want to have huge body parts.

Please, someone tell me what is going on? Is this a planet at all? It feels like a test lab for some higher form of consciousness?

I suggest anyone who is new to the topic of conspiracy, watch the film They Live. There is enough time left to do something about the change that is taking place to us all. From personal perspective Smallstorm has some suggestions, Iodine, The G Seat, natural sun screen and home made toothpaste.

Visits Smallstorm's online store by clinking on this link.

To date, my journey with Smallstorm, which seemingly has only just begun, has led me to learn more than I bargained for. I suggest you reach out to her if you have any questions. Be warned Smallstorm does not suffer fools gladly, I am surprised I have got as far as I have to be honest.

To you Sofia. You are a brave warrior of the truth and an incredible mind, thank you for being you, and never ever change.

23 Jun 2015



Is Gold, Silver and Precious Metals the answer to unanswered uncertainty? Hell knows! You Got A Way Of Finkin! 

Introducing a two part series discussing the benefits of Gold and Silver with commentary from Andy Hoffman from Miles Franklin in Part 1 and Stefan Kramer from Celtic Gold in Part 2. Two views on the same topic just remember both men are selling precious metals, the first in the USA and the second in mainland Europe, listen to both podcasts and have an open mind some of the information they are offering is incredible valuable, don't forget to download the podcasts before the powers that be turn off free internet.

This is a very good question and I don't have the answer. Andy Hoffman suggests that we should not worry about these issues right now, Stefan Kramer states that the government will not have the resources to knock on doors and confiscate Gold and Silver. I have heard that if you own Gold and Silver, you MAY be perceived as a terrorist, PLUS the tax associated with selling precious metals in the future will make it practically worth nothing. Who knows what the future holds - YOU GOT A WAY OF FINKIN!

Hoffman has a back ground in finance, walked away from Wall Street, having witnessed global scandals such as The Enron Scandal and The WorldCom Scandal. Looking back, those days were the good days compared to the global tyranny taking place right now, with banks like HSBC paying huge fines for laundering Drug Money. 

Why would a Bank launder Drug Money? The Banks are the drug dealers in my opinion!

What is the truth about Walls Street? Are the Banksters as Gerald Celente calls them, ie. the Banking Elite, good people? Or is David Icke right and the world is dominated by Reptilians and Aliens?

Hoffman talks about what he calls the Final Currency War, and the Greatest Wealth Transfer the World has ever seen. He touches upon the roles of Reuters, Bloomberg, the fake recovery listed by the media. 

He backs up his claims with PMI Data and the rising global debt mountain and cites the warning that with rate rise there will be a huge effect on society and he asks can Quantitative Easing cope with anymore deflation, inflation or stagflation? When is the PONZI scheme going to come crashing down around us and what will be the knock on effects to how normal middle class people live their lives?

With the Torries getting a majority in the recent UK Elections I have seen a rise in housing prices however Hoffman claims that prices are about to fall and rapidly, so I have to ask myself where do I invest my capital? 

Hoffman has some suggestions of course and they rotate around various options about precious metals. The Chinese are buying more Gold than water right now and Kissinger has been in and out of Shanghai over the last 2 decades making friends and influencing people, Hoffman is adamant there is no global conspiracy, what a relief that is!

However people in reality, we are heading towards World War 3, boom-tastic-media-hype hold on tight this was is not for the light hearted.

Both men are clear about what needs to be done on the run up the World War 3.

1 Clear All Debt 
2 Keep cash outside of the banking system
3 Understand what real money is
4 How to buy gold and silver
5 Where to store gold and silver
6 Why governments will not confiscate gold and silver
7 What is the future price of gold and silver

Part 2 Stefan Kramer from Celtic Gold

Kramer has a slightly more holistic approach to where the world is heading. He explains that the system we have at the moment is nothing more than a series of Promissory Notes, basically an IOU, and boy I wish I could print the cash, if I could I would be a millionaire. 

I want to know what does the future look like for my children? 

Kramer looks at the IMF, The World Bank, Quantitative Easing, he explains about the German Bond Market and why the markets are booming, and how to become aware of what is really going on in the current climate and having a balance view from the Mainstream Media and the alternative Press. 

I must say this guy is pretty balance. 

What is going to happen to Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal and even France which is the 5th largest economy in the world and is rumoured to be totally and utterly broke, but to whom I ask? Who do we owe all this imaginary cash to?

Kramer explains with consumer goods rising and white goods coming down in price the lower wage bracket is being hurt big time and the middle class is evaporating. I ask him why is this happening but Kramer does not want to go any deeper than the facts and his wish not to go any deeper is something I have to respect.

Gold. Boom. What an answer. 

Kramer quotes Jim Sinclair and he states that if you want to learn about gold then educate yourself at The Gold University

Kramer states 5-10% of your portfolio needs to be invested in precious metals. You need to be debt free to truly qualify for passage when this baby comes rocking down. He explains how to buy and who from? Where to store your Gold personally or to store the Gold with an agent? He goes through the top coins, Maple Leaf, The Kruger Run, Vienna Philharmonic, Australian Gold Kangaroo, this guy really knows his stuff.

Thanks for reading the blog, keep in contact by subsrcibing to my blog, subscribing to my YouTube Channel or hit me up on facebook. I am a gun for hire.

12 Jun 2015


The latest release from Herschel36 on Just Finish It Records is called The Cartel. In May 2015 four Major International Banks, Citigroup, JP Morgan, Barclays and UBS, were fined a record amount by the FED for Forex rigging and insider trading, however no individual went to prison. Click here for the FBI news conference.

When an investigative reporter follows the money, it is clear to see a direct link between the Banking Elite and The Bilderberg Group which is taking place right now, June 2015 in Austria.

Bilderberg, the front facing elite conference which has been hidden from the world for decades, grooms politicians and creates international policies like the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Herschel36 looks at the salient issues regarding the 2008/2009 bailout for the banks, Too Big To Fail capitalism, and the link back to to the 911 Truth Movement and how the meeting taking place right now holds the key to our future global policies.

I am publishing two interviews today, both interviews include a link. allowing listeners to download and retain the audio/video as a personal record. I urge you to do this before the use of free internet is removed via CISPA.

Part 1, Joel Skousen from World Affairs Brief, whom I consider to be a friend and someone I call upon for advice, gave me some more of his valuable time to discuss the reality of what may or may not be taking place in Austria over the next week.

Skousen highlights some of the major players and the topics that may be covered, Kissinger, Rothschild, Rockefeller the people who pull the strings for the major global corporations. Yet another fascinating interview with one of the leading geo-political minds on the globe right now.

Part 2, Tony Gosling is an investigative reporter for Russia Today and also runs The Bilderberg Group website. Gosling cuts to the chase about The History of The Bilderberg Group and how he came to set up www.bilderberg.org.

Tony and I came head to head during this interview, my understanding of Tony’s position is he believes that change can be achieved within the current working system whilst I believe we need to change the entire system.

The financial system has been created and is dominated by the Banksters, The Banks create the flow of currency and we the people pay for the privilege to be part of their imaginary wealth, whilst the elite push social engineering through the population and towards The Singularity.

Topics of Discussion

Artificial Intelligence - Regina Dugan
Current Economic Issues - Cashless Society
Middle East
US elections - Jeb Bush and Jim Messina

4 May 2015


Howdy Campers! Please let me introduce you to Mr. Harley Schlanger from LaRouche Pac in the USA.

#H36 #JFIR #WhoGotODaMoney #DPC

This powerful electro punk geo-political finance corrupted 3 min 30 second contemporary pop track is really going to knock you off your feet, and take all your pension contributions. 

From a production perspective DPC has moved towards a slightly aggressive form of electro programming. Possibly some of his followers may not be used to this stye of music production, however check it out and let JFIR know if it works for you or not by leaving your comments in the bottom of the the blog or on You Tube, Facebook or Twitter. 

We need your support please do not be silent.

During this time we interviewed Harley Schlanger, 65 years old, although I must say you would never think it when speaking to him. He has a B.A. from the University of Wisconsin, 1971, in Political Science. A Masters from Rutgers University, 1972, in European History and an Honours degree in National Defence Education Act Fellowship, 1971-74.

Since 1973, He has been an associate of U.S. physical economist Lyndon LaRouche.  He spent time organizing in Charlotte, N.C. (1974-77), Atlanta, Ga. (1977-1981), and have been in Houston, Tx., since January 1981.  In 1999, He became the Western States coordinator and spokesman for LaRouche, and beginning in 1994, until 2014.

Since 1982, he has been the Southwest Editor of Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) magazine, and have written numerous articles published in the EIR on politics and economics, including on the 1984-87 S&L crisis, Michael Milken and junk bonds, derivatives and the casino economy, mortgage-backed securities and the foreclosure crisis, and the crash of 2008 and its aftermath.  He has also written extensively on the California and Texas economies, the Bushes, and former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and was one of the chief researchers for the "Unauthorized Biography of George H.W. Bush," published in the summer of 1992.

After running for office, with his most successful campaign as the Democratic Party primary for U.S. Senate in Texas in 1990, in which he received almost 250,000 votes, he served as chief strategist for two Congressional campaigns for Kesha Rogers, who won the Democratic Party primaries for U.S. Congress in the 22nd District of Texas in 2010 and 2012, campaigning on the theme, "Save NASA, Impeach Obama."

Schlanger claims very passionately that if we the people do not do something soon about the current geo-political situation we are going to lose all of humanity.  Quite a statement! Is this simple fear mongering? Or is there some truth in what Harley has got to say? #LaRouche

I am not political or I should say I was not political. I would like to add that the hour or so I spent with Harley was not only fascinating but I also found him personally to be charming and very charismatic. 

Watching this 50 min long interview may cause some of you to feel uncomfortable, the truth rarely is easy to stomach the first time you hear it. So buckle in and enjoy the ride, what Schlanger has to say  might just take you buy surprise.


Schlanger dives straight to the point, his answer to this question is very simple, he says government bailed out banks because the banks OWN the governments. Wow what a way to start an interview. It is clear to me now more than ever that the world is owned and run by The BANKSTERS and anyone who thinks any different is totally and utterly deluded, we the human being, are owned by the The Anglo American Corporation other wise known as The Empire. 


To answer this question just look up Jamie Dimon and JP Morgan Chase, this guy owns Barak Obama and runs the White House.


Schlanger goes on to describe Jamie Dimon from JP Morgan Chase and how Dimon owns Barak Obama. The 5 major banks in the USA are Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, Citi Group, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo and Bank of America. This group of banks is a private cartel that not only directs global fiscal policy but more importantly prints FIAT Currency and controls the boom and bust cycle of the global economy. 


Schlanger looks at this issue of the BAIL OUT that took place in 2008, he looks at where that money went to and why if there is more cash in the world than ever before why is the world going through austerity measures, it simply does not make any sense? Why are the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer? 

Governments are now moving towards a BAIL IN system if you do not believe me CLICK HERE and read the law for yourself. Schlanger clearly states that if we are bailing out the corporations we no longer live in a democracy we are moving towards social capitalism which will eventually lead us into Fascism - TOO BIG TO FAIL. the Bail In programme was launched in Cyprus last year, tested again in Austria this year and is coming to a cinema near you before you know it.


So you do not have savings, however you are dependant on your monthly income which comes from the upper middle class spending money which trickles down into your pocket. 

Lets use a real time example. Take my mate Roly, he is a father of two, makes top quality video production, is the lead singer of a punk rival band, and is I may add a fine chap. Roly however is fast asleep and he does not want to wake up to what is about to hit him straight in the face like Mike Tyson’s right hook, BOOM! 

Roly is dependant on the guys who earn 150K a year, spending their excess cash in clubs like Ocean Club in Marbella Spain, The Ocean Club employs Roly to film these guys splashing around in champagne on a bed that costs 300 euros a day to hire. When these guys stop spending Roly stops filming, and therefore providing food for his wife and two daughters.

Fiat Currency is the paper you have in your pocket right now, it is an IOU and has no intrinsic value at all. It is worthless and every FIAT currency in history has collapsed, it is not wealth, it is in fact a control system for The Elite and ruling classes who want to give you, The Sheeple the illusion that you have choice and you are free, you are not, read these words, YOU ARE NOT FREE YOU DO NOT LIVE IN A DEMOCRACY. The forthcoming election in the UK this week is a complete and utter scam, whether you vote left or right government still gets in. 

Fractional Reserve Banking is the way the bankers create debt. If a bank has $100 deposited, the bank can lend up to 10x that amount, therefore a bank turns $100 into $1000 with a click of a button, and chargers you the borrower a % each month to access those digits. 

This is Fractional Reserve Banking and this means that you The Sheeple live in debt. Our global economy is based on debt, and at some point we have to pay our bills, however these is not enough FIAT currency on the planet to pay the fictions debt created by The BANKSTERS. we are sitting on a fiscal cliff and via Quantitative Easing the ruling classes are propping up the system to keep it going for as long as they can, Joel Skousen, the ruling elite are using the technique of pump and dump, to make as much cash as possible, until they are ready for World War 3.


In Jan 2015 it was announced to the world rather quietly I may add that the Hypo Alpe Adria bad bank also known as the Heta Resolution had a capital hole of 7.6 Billion euros. the Austrian Government decided to turn to creditor to fill the gap which meant the Austrian bail in turned to sources such as the Fireman’s pension funds, and other pension sources, stealing liquidity from depositors. Your money really is not your own and your future is now no longer guaranteed by years of hard work, whilst the corporations become wealthier based on a financial system that benefits those who own the printing press.


Water is a massive commodity like everything else on this planet and the powers that be are vying for control. California is now reporting water shortages and this is unlikely to be the last time we come across this particular issues world wide. The difference with this discussion is that we in the West are totally unprepared for Water shortages, but the rumour mill suggests this is where we are heading today.

the Metropolitan Water District of Souther California is stating it is going to deliver 15% less water to cities in the greater Los Angeles area starting in July, this makes me think what we can expect in South East England in the home counties and worse still in Andalusia in Southern Spain? #Malaga 


With all the discussion around the world of possible War, regionally which may lead to a bigger global conflict there seems to be the Rise of Right Wing Fascism. Both the far left and the far right seem to gain political credence as people turn to extremes to find a way out of the current situation of middle to road politics promising the earth and delivering the same garbage time and time again. RFIR released a track earlier this year that exposed the rise of the right wing in The Ukraine, the song is called “Lost My Mojo” and features the Ukrainian born singer Marisen, it is a great track and you should check it out. Please like the track, repost the track on social media and use 
#Flawless, #Ukraine, #LostMyMojo


Schlanger is very adamant, Gold and Silver will not protect your wealth when the system comes falling down. He states the markets are rigged and if you the consumer buys gold and silver the governments around the world will come knocking on your door and demand that you hand your gold and silver over to the governments. He states that there is no survival during the next phase of control, Schlanger is very clear the only way to deal with global tyranny is to rid the system of the parasites, and I tend to agree.


This week is another huge week for the European Union as Greece are on the brink of leaving the Eurozone. With Russian offering a route out of the IMF led debt who knows what will happen next? However some news this morning was that the Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis has been replaced as leader of debt talks. The Syriza-led coalition has appointed Euclid Tsakalotos to lead the IMF debt ridden negotiations, it no surprise to find out that he graduated from Oxford University, was born in Holland and grew up in England. Is he going to represent the Greek people or the City of London?


Putin is offering Greece a way out, it feels as if the Greeks are dammed if they do and dammed if they don’t. Putin is building infrastructure, train lines and gas pipelines into Europe, Schlanger argues that Russia owns the European energy market, and Putin is looking for a way to negate the issue of The Ukraine and to go directly to the source. 

This suggest to me that Putin and Russia do not want World War 3, however sadly, if I was a betting man I would bet against this. Putin is no different from the Western globalist, he wants power, money and ultimately total control, therefore we are heading towards War.

“Power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely” John Dalberg-Acton


Reading Material: